As a Not-For-Profit Club, fundraising is an integral aspect of the ongoing success of the Arthur Skate Club. Because registration fees do NOT completely cover the cost of operating the club, we rely heavily on fundraising. Fundraising helps cover the cost of various Skating Club activities, including ice rental fees, professional coaching, skater badges, and program equipment.

Fee increases this year were kept to a minimum of only $20.00. We want to keep our registration fees as reasonable as possible so that everyone has the opportunity to join. In saying this your assistance in fundraising is essential. If fundraising goals are not met yearly it is a guarantee that our registration fees will go up substantially. Please help US so we can help YOU!


Fundraising Fee Refunds

*Each family pays a $100 fundraising fee at registration*

.*You can earn either a partial or full refund of that fee as outlined below.

Fundraising Fee Refunds:

  1. Sell 20 items from any fundraiser and receive $50.00 back. 
  2. Volunteer 2 times and receive $50.00 back. 
  3. Sell 20 boxes from any fundraiser and Volunteer 2 times and receive $100.00 back. 

2023/2024 Fundraisers

  1. JD SweidOctober 2023 & January 2024
  2. Little Caesars – October 2023
  3. All Occasions Box of Cards – January 2024
  • Ordering is NOT yet open – links above are for reference only